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Dance Man Blues

Dance Man Blues I’m lucky to be alive let alone hit the dance floor for a boogie. Goodness, 6 schooners couldn’t even lube my hips to duck out for a ciggie in the old days when I…

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Harry Hookey - 1 Dec

HARRY AND JACK HOOKEY CHERRY FEST GIG Hey Lovers... It’s Cherry Festival time and that means one thang.... Harry and Jack Hookey are back in   town to rock ya socks! This gig has…

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Particles - 16 Nov

HANDS UP WHO WANT A GOOD DOSE OF ROCK? Ok Lovers...we here at Exile on 35 Main st, are very proud to announce something very different and loud! It gives me incredible pleasure to host Sydney…

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Tim Rogers - 26 Oct

Hey sweeties, Thought I’d drop a line for ya before I leave this gorgeous country of ours again. TIM ROGERS The legendary Tim Rogers returns to grace the smallest stage on planet earth…

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Kristen Lee Morris - 1 Sep

Hey lovers & Music lovers, the rock and roll train keeps on rolling as we proudly present LIVE Kristen Lee Morris.  A raw hill Billy Blues dude with a 70's alt country kick cutting on…

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Home Barista Workshop Tour

HOME BARISTA WORKSHOP TOUR Hey coffee lovers  AOE are about to embark on a little ‘Home Barista Workshop’ Tour taking the caffeine love on the road to you! I constantly get…

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