Elephant Hills

Thalanar Estate - Valparai, India

A very sweet cup as a single origin estate, yet quite bold, with citrus and cardamon tones. Excellent espresso and persistent with milk. Med-Full strength.

Elephant Hills - Thalanar Estate - Valparai, India. Established in 1959, the plantation is located on the Anaimalai Ranges (meaning Elephant Hills in Tamil), and some of the original plants continue to bear fruit to this day. At between 1500-2000m above sea level, this high altitude plantation is a natural organic run farm with protected shade grown trees varying from Silver Oak, Mulberry and Jackfruit. Close to the streams, Cardamon crops are planted to also supplement revenue. On average, 80 tonnes of biowaste product is recycled annually back into the farm.

I have personally known Pathy since early 2010 and had the profound pleasure to visit Pathy's family coffee estate in December 2012. The visit consolidated our working relationship and from there, the Art of Espresso  foundation, "Human Beans For Peace", now actively assist the wellbeing of the farmers and their families through the rebuilding and upgrading of the workers huts on the plantation.

  • Elephant Hills (Whole Bean - 1kg)

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  • Elephant Hills (Plunger Grind - 1kg)

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  • Elephant Hills (Espresso Grind - 1kg)

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  • Silver Silver • 2011
    Golden Bean - Single Origin Organic