Skybury Plantation

Mareeba, Tropical North Queensland

It gives me great pleasure to share with you coffee lovers another beautiful home grown Australian Coffee, this time from Mareeba, Tropical North Queensland.

This coffee is another great result of our Direct Trade philosophy, the MacLaughlin family farm grows more than 90,000 coffee trees, I visited this plantation in late 2014, Art of Espresso now roasts this Bourbon variety of coffee and it is available now to purchase.

Tasting notes: Medium-Dark with a rich and bold persistent palate. It has a slight hint of Fruitiness with consistent toasted nutty overtones.

  • Skybury Plantation (Whole Bean - 1kg)

    Price: $50.00
    Sku: SP_W_1000


  • Gold Gold • 2016
    Sydney Royal Fine Foods - Class 6 Latte - Australian Single Origin

  • Gold Gold • 2016
    Sydney Royal Fine Foods - Champion - Australian Single Origin