Wild Goat Coffee

Mother nature's fuel for mankind

Wild Goat Coffee is an organic blend full of wild berries of the Central Americas and bursting with the extravagance of dark chocolates of the Africas. It's not shy and doesn't pretend to be anything other than a good, honest coffee.

Drink Responsibly... (only if you insist)

Legend has it written that a goat herder discovered coffee when he noticed his goats prancing wild and dancing free after having munched on the coffee berries of the this particular tree and they continued to dance into the night! My surname "Capra" literally means "goat". I feel privileged to have a direct "lineage" to this so called legend in some weird and wonderful way. I happen to be a coffee merchant and roast coffee and being the "feral goat" of the Capra family, this coffee came about as simply that.

Unrestrained, dishevelled and very much "living in a state of nature", I left the big smoke of the city for the unrestrained bush life to marry the woman I love and have three gorgeous "kids". I live on the land (and yes I have goats on the farm) and I do what I love.

As the great twelfth century Sufi poet, Rumi wrote..

"Let the Beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel
And kiss the ground"

This is what I love and what I do. This is my little way to kneel and kiss the ground.

  • Wild Goat Coffee (Whole Bean - 1kg)

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    Sku: WG_WB_1000
  • Wild Goat Coffee (Plunger Grind - 1kg)

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  • Wild Goat Coffee (Espresso Grind - 1kg)

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